The Dunny Post-Apocalypse is upon us... and Mintyfresh is ready to aid in the battle!!!

 photo huckgee-dunny-mintyfresh.jpg
After the fallout clears, vinyl still stands! SF artist Huck Gee resurrects Dunny with 13 post-apocalyptic designs featuring zombie hunting ninjas, cyborg geishas, evolved apes, mecha troopers, feral foxes, radiated rhinos, and super fly copter kids. Hyper detailed sculpts and crazy complex accessories push the boundaries of 3-inch vinyl to create characters that are built to survive – even when nothing else does... and the folks over at Mintyfresh are ready to give you all the Dunny you can handle! Seeing as it's already the 28th of February in Amsterdam, the long awaited (extremely limited) new 3" Dunny series by Huck Gee has been released... and Mintyfresh is offering up some swwet deals for thier loyal customers when you buy a full case! Use the code APOCALYPSENOW in your cart and receive the 5% discount, this code applies only to a full case! So get your bum to Mintyfresh and start March with some unpacking!

 photo DonP-MechaRabbit-MechaBee.jpg
But that's not all... as Mintyfresh has teamed up with custom artist Don P. as he has made a few special Dunny´s to coincide with the Post-Apocalypse Dunny release... and yes, these very well may be the first custom 3" Dunny's from this series. Introducing 3 different "Mecha Rabbits" in Orange, Red, and Blue, as well as a Yellow "Mecha Bee"... all of which have been meticiously sculpted on and they are all up for grabs HERE right now!

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