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POPaganda exclusive Pink/Turquoise Temper Tot!!

There has been quite some buzzzzzz surrounding Ron English's latest figure, the "Temper Tot"... not the original green 'hulk-like' colorway based on Ron's "The Incredulous HulkBoy" painting, but the pink version... saying it should have only been made in one color, and that other colorways just don't make sense... but, it's been said before and explained numerous times... that in order to justify the production of a figure, as well as keep the cost at a reasonable price for consumers, colorways are a necessity. I personally think the figure is alright... should it be pink, I'm not really a fan, but I understand why it was created... and I am sure it's not the last colorway of this figure. Almost ALL designer vinyl figures - even some resin figures - are produced in waves of colors, usually because a factory has a minimum run number of around 1,000 pieces to make things most cost effective... so normally what you will see, is an "OG" colorway produced in as a run of say 500 pieces, another 2 colorways produced as a run of 200 pieces, and in this instance, another as a run of 100 pieces... making the total 1,000 total pieces. So no matter how you feel, if you want affordable designer figures, colorways are a necessary evil... and sometimes...not so evil, because having a figure in multiple colorways lined up in a row in your collection looks awesome! That being said, this 8-inch tall POPaganda exclusive "Pink/Turquoise" colorway is set to drop tomorrow HERE at 12pm EST for $90 a pop... and they all come signed by Ron himself!

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