Ferg's "GERM s003 [NUUK]" Squadt announced... with LED eyes?!?

Holy smokes!!! Check out what was just posted up by Ferg over at Collect & Destroy... a brand new Squadt that is being called the "GERM s003 [NUUK]". Set to release on Monday, February 18th at Noon CST, this rad looking figure comes with a bright yellow hazmat suit, viles of contaminant, a sweet looking gasmask... and, - wait... what's that?!?! LED eyes??? It sure looks like it!!!! There is no word on cost or quantity, but all will be revealed shortly!
***UPDATE*** It appears that those are LED lights in his eyes, as Ferg just updated his post with a most awesome video showing how these toggle on and off... genius!!!! All you gotta do is push on the front of the gasmask, so friggen cool!!!

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