2013 "Robotone" Sprogs... a new color each month!

Photo above from 2012 series... 2013 is limited to just 1 sculpt!!!
UK based artist Cris Rose is kicking 2013 off in high gear as we see the release of a brand new line of very familiar figures... and just like last go around, his "Robotone" series is going to attract many collectors worldwide!!! But as luck would have it, some things have changed this go around... so this is what you can come to expect! Robotones are no longer an open edition which means that each color will be limited to 10-20 pieces, depending on the number of folks who subscribe. On top of that, the series will be limited to just a single sculpt, instead of 2... but wait, there's more!

Photo above from 2012 series... 2013 is limited to just 1 sculpt!!!

You can subscribe to this rad resin deal... and witht he subscription comes some really cool benefits, including: Guarenteeed 1 of each color, you get to vote for the sculpt used in 2013, you get an 11th color free, the option to comission a one-off custom from Cris, and for those of you who pay for the entire thing up front... you get a 12th figure for FREE!!! Each Robotone Sprog is hand-made, hand-cast, hand-poured, solid colored resin, and comes with a numbered header card and bag. Release order will not be chromalogical, but chosen to reflect the month. Oh, and since these are all hand-made and limited, you probably should sign up for Cris' newsletter to get a much needed 24 hour jump on the rest of the global population, which will be March 7th :-) Also, if you are interested in subscribing... email Cris via crisrose@gmail.com to let him know.

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