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The Loz Boz's completed "Mouffle, The Munny Troll" custom for ToyCon UK!

After we got treated to a small peek at the Munny Troll that The Loz Boz was creating specially for ToyCon UK, we've been hoping to see the little guy's delightful face in a completed form. And now the Haus of Boz swings open it's doors once more, gracing us with pictures of the finished piece! Named "Mouffle, The Munny Troll," this 7-inch tall Munny custom figure, of course, he comes complete with a wonderful backstory:
Mouffle holds the coveted golden crown, bestowed only on the prettiest little troll in the woods. Just take a look at his majestic mane, his luxuriously long eyelashes, those glossy healthy eyes! It's not hard to see why he is the most handsome troll in all the land. He hasn't let it go to his head though, he still lives in a secluded nook in a tree, and still walks to work at the fairy cake bakery, with all his friends.Not only that, but he is also the kindest of all the little woodland trolls. If you need five minutes to yourself, he'll come sit on your eggs for you. If you lose your dainty little shoes in the stream, he'll bob along and get them for you. If a wiley fox steals your lunch box, you'd better believe he's going to give that fox a serious dressing down, and make you a sandwich and an enchanted fairy cake too, if you're extra sweet.
Designed in the ToyCon colors, "to commemorate the very first ToyCon," this signed and dated figure will only be available at The Loz Boz's table, "where you simply MUST say Hello to me, or I'll be really sad all day!" And, obviously, no one wants that, right…

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