Sucklord x O’nell x Galactic Jerkbags - "Interplanetary Bromance" figure mashup release!!!

Saturday, Febuary 2nd, the folks behind Galactic Jerkbags will release the "Interplanetary Bromance" figure, a collaboration between Suckadelic, O’nell design and Galacticjerkbags.com... and as you can see from the above photos, these figures consist of Glyos system bodies where Sucklord cast the heads in resin! These figures will retail for $40 shipped in the USA, and it's limited to an edition of only 21 pieces with 7 already pre-sold via message board. All proceeds of the sale will go to paying for the GalacticJerkbags website and creating shirts and stickers... so if you want a rad figure, and want to support a rad fan site... then head on over HERE this Saturday to pick one up!

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