La Muerta x Bere&Bere - "Emma Ciare" t-shirt

Well hello all you degenerate freaks, lowlifes, and all around nogoods... hey, we mean that in the most compassionate way... and seeing as we are in a good mood, we thought it would behoove us to let you in on a little secret. The weirdos over at La Muerta are offering up another awesome limited edition t-shirt to the masses and this go around they have teamed with the folks over at Bere&Bere to release yet another epic shirt design titled "Emma Ciare"! "Meet Emma Ciare, contrary to what homies believe she is not a portrait of an emaciated instance of parasitical rise/advancement. In fact she's thriving and disseminating the acceptance of obliteration by way of la fiesta holmes. Food? What are you talking about vato, you are bones, shake 'em up, ask the lady for a dance macabre. You might even get lucky and get treated to her Saint-Saëns version of it." With this shirt you not only get to rock a rad design, but you'll also get the satisfaction of owning something that only a limited few will ever have because just like all of the releases from La Muerta, this shirt is super limited, only 50 of these are EVER being made, and they are up for pre-order HERE right now for just $28! Don't sleep on this awesome design folks.

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