Gary Ham's "Monster Toytem (Classic Edition)" Releases Friday!

As the first series of "Monster Toytem" releases comes to a finale, the Gary Ham creation goes out with a bang as this "Classic" colorway will be the third and final version. If you missed it previously, the Monster Toytem is a 14-inch tall stackable and interchangeable vinyl toy set with each of the seven elements being 2-inches tall individually. As a nod to the classic movies of yore, these greyscale versions of the pieces immediately make me recall hiding underneath my blackets in a room illuminated solely by the flicker of the television set. With only 80 of the 100 copies remaining — 20 were presold during DesignerCon — it will be a mad dash to snag one into your cart on Friday, Feb. 1st, 2013 at 11AM Pacific time when they are released into Ham's online shop for $85 each (signed upon request, as well!).

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