Tomoo Yamaji's transforming "h060101 Fast Mercy" figure!

You might recall us discussing the resin cast "h040303 Fast Mercy" sculpture by Tomoo Yamaji, also known as HENGE. Heck, you probably thought that it looked great, but that almost $500 price tag was just too much for you. Well, with the help of modern 3D printing technology, you can now own the same basic design for as low as $55.44! Yes, the newly introduced "h060101 Fast Mercy" is still able to transform from a flying form to a humanoid form and still represents a "highly agile bodhisattva" (a heroic being of enlightenment and wisdom), but it is now available in an open edition of 3D print-to-order kits with a low price point. Interested parties can purchase this piece — with a variety of material color options — HERE.

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