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Sneak peek *- Number 2-* at a new Jesse Hernandez Dunny dubbed "Kukulcan"!!!

Posted up a few days ago via his Instagram feed, Jesse Hernandez shares with the world a new teaser of what appears to be a new Dunny for the upcoming, tentatively titled and unknown "End of The World" Dunny series. You may all remember our post HERE last week... well, this Dunny seems completely different than that one, or is it the same with his "OG" color scheme?!?! In any case, the Dunny looks pretty fantastic, and really, the only part that resembles the Dunny is the head because the arms have been replaced with wings, and the body seems to be a coil of sorts... maybe a snake!!! Oh, and if you look up the name "Kukulcan"... as per what Jesse attached to the photo, you can see that it's a Mayan snake deity with plums or feathers!!!

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