ESC Toys booth @ NYCC 2012

No your eyes do not deceive you... that picture above is from Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys as he had yet another awesome booth at NYCC 2012... and just like previous years, he had so many exclusives and beautiful figures on display... it was almost magical! There was a full array of collab pieces, new projects (Like that Zone6 figure above), as well as some realy cool crossover figures with the folks over at Frombies! The end of 2012 is going to be big for Erick and crew... but 2013 - from what Erick had on display - really looks to be fantastic! I am a sucker for the darker, more sinister stuff, and that new line of figures dubbed 'Zone6' is going to be a great one to watch!!! Hit the jump for full pictures from the entire booth, including a shot of Erick chatting it up with Jon-Paul Kaiser.

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