Designer-Con 2012: Cavey booth

Along with a ton of cute Cavey's, Holly aka A Little Stranger will have a ton of stuff up for grabs at her booth during Designer-Con via her booth #713... which includes the above posted 5 brand new customs! She will also be showcasing prints, jewellery, and Cavey products. you can see the  'Lion-O' custom painted 4" spiki, the 'Blue Troll' 4" sculpted and plushed Mini Munny, the 'Flying Bunny Planet' 4" Baby Gaman, as well as the 'Purple Pyjamas' custom painted 12" Kathie Olivas Benny, and the 'Peaceful Sea Siren' 4" Rooz.... WOW!!!! Some great stuff up for grabs. So don't forget to visit her booth #713!!!

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