10th edition laser etched resin Mini-MAD*L's!!!!

It's been some time since we have seen a resin Mini-MAD*L release from MAD, but he has been hard at work on his upcoming drop, and above are the fruits of his labor. For the 10th version, he went all out and laser etched thee bad boys... better yet, he announced that they will be up for grabs this Friday, October 26th. I am really digging the simple flourish designs that cover this piece, the big money on the from along with the MAD*L head... then on the back a little 10th edition nod with his signature. There is no exact word on a time, so be sure to follow Madl's artist and platform Twitter feeds for updated information. Alternatively, of course, you can just head over to his shop and keep hitting refresh, hoping you'll luck out…

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