Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery - Pollen Kaiser "Black" edition... drops 09/26/2012!!!

YES!!!! One of the coolest figures produced this year is about to be up for grabs from Toy Art Gallery as they are proud to present the "Black" edition of Paul Kaiju's most EPIC 'Pollen Kaiser' figure. Sculpted by Paul, this beast stands a whopping 10" tall, has articulation at the shoulders, waist, arms, comes with a 3-piece 12” tall staff, and this special edition features metallic gold and blue sprays over black vinyl with red and yellow highlights. The "Black" edition is available for $165 each this Wednesday, September 26th at 12PM PST, both in-store at TAG’s retail showroom and via their online store HERE... oh, and if you aren't quite sure on who PK is, or aren't familiar with his work... let's just say don't be surprised if these these sell out within minutes!

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