"Pale Rider" custom Rebel Ink by Fuller!

Damn!! Usugrow's "Rebel Ink" figure is already one of my favorite of all time... but add in a little twist from Fuller... and bam, this rad figure gets bumped up to that next level! Titled "Pale Rider"... an obvious homage to the classic film, Fuller mentions that he loves old Westerns... especially ones with Clint Eastwood, so transforming the Rebel Ink figure into a Cowboy was a no brainier! The transformation is spot on... and I love all the additional elements such as the rifle, sidearm, hat... and how can you not fall in love with the paint application on this... so boss!!!! This figure was up for grabs via his online store HERE, but sold out very quick, understandably so. Feel free to check out the other rad products in his online shop though.

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