'Meme 6 Pack Sack' from Crappy Cat... AWESOME!!!

What's better than internet Meme's? Capitalizing on them by making an awesome vinyl toy series... that's what, and thanks to Van Beater and his Crappy Cat brand... we all get the opportunity to own a fantastic series of "FlunkMonkey" inspired Meme figures! Introducing the 'Meme 6 Pack Sack' which included a SIX pack tribute to internet Memes! You get "Solo.", "Fuuug!", "Loool!", "Probz?", "Jeah!",and "Jeez!"... what a friggen great idea, with flawless execution! These are set to drop next Monday, September 24th at 2pm EST via the Crappy Cat online store HERE for only $55... and that includes all 6 figures plus FREE shipping!!! The sale will continue for a limited 48hr sale window which will close on September 26th at 2pm EST. All sales are first come, first served... so don't miss out!

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