Meet the Androids: Series03 preview (pt4) with Andrew Bell's "Barista Bot" design!

We are onto day 4 of the Android Series03 previews, and today we are featuring the work of none other than the man behind the Android vinyl figure himself... Andrew Bell, with his "Barista Bot" design! Andrew mentions "When my sister opened Cafe Grumpy here in Brooklyn 7 years ago I helped her out by designing the logo.. and then somehow I was drafted into serving a brief stint as a barista. I never drank much coffee before that, so by the end of the day I looked pretty much like this guy." It's so fitting, and what a great looking Android he is! I really like the simple, clean design of this particular droid... and I can see him fitting in and being showcased on coffee shop counters and in vinyl collections worldwide in no time flat! Stay tuned for the next teaser very soon!

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