Huck Gee's brand new production Dunny spotted?!?

When Huck Gee posted the above picture of his fast food dinner one night — with the tagline "I was craving fish & chips. Don't judge me." — lots of people commented that they thought the buns looked plastic... which I found especially funny since... if you look over to the middle left, there is an actual piece of plastic: what appears to be a 3-inch Dunny. Inadvertently captured in the shot, from what we can see of this little guy, he is not a previously released piece… and, since Gee typically doesn't customize 3-inch Dunnys, he's probably a production prototype!

This Dunny appears to be wearing some sort of face mask and has a mohawk between his ears. I can spot the traditional Huck Gee skull on his belly and what appears to be a shotgun in his hand. I don't know about you, but I'm dubbing this the 'Road Warrior' Dunny!

So is this Dunny a part of a new series... why not? With some people believing that December 21st of this year (12/21/12) will bring about the Apocalypse, it seems very appropriate. This could be a forthcoming special edition release or even a scrapped production item (it happens), but Kidrobot traditionally does release at least two Dunny blind box series each year… so I'm guessing this might be the first teaser of a new series. Keep in mind, this is all speculation, nothing is concrete... but what are your thoughts?

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