Coolvader is holding a Mega Munny Raffle... and this is something that you want to win!

It's so refreshing to see some of the OG customizers back into the swing of things... and Coolvader is one of those artists that got me interested in the custom vinyl scene to begin with! His work is gruesomely elegant, and hot damn does this man have talent. That being said... he just posted up a really amazing opportunity for ALL OF YOU to get involved with, and it includes some awesome prizes! He plans on creating a new Dunny army with a minimum of 30 participants, and a max of 40. This will cost $100 per person, multiple entries allowed... and the best part, the purchase enters you in an EPIC raffle, with the chance to win one of the following:
1st prize: Monkey Mega Munny

2nd prize: (4 winners) 4" version of the Monkey on a Mini-Munny

3rd prize: (25-35 winners): 4 Mega Monkey prints and a 3" dunny, (one of three fully detailed designs.)
On a little side note, I remember seeing his "Mega Monkey" for the first time a long time ago when he posted it up on the KR Forums... and he considers the monkey to be his finest work... and I agree! This beast has been on display at KR NYC, and now he is giving you all the opportunity to add this one of a kind piece to your collection. Oh and if you have 3" Dunnys to spare, he will give you $50 off for 10 Dunnys, and for 20, you get one of these customized figures FOR FREE! Head on over HERE now to claim your spot.

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