Blink-182 x Brandon Heart x Maxx242 - Thackerville, Oklahoma exclusive gig posters

The boys in Blink-182 continue their tour, and with each stop comes a rad new gig poster. So who's next... well, tonight was a stop in Thackerville, Oklahoma and to commemorate this show they got a rad poster designed by Brandon Heart which features a pretty rad looking rabbit head being split by two guitars. This piece was limited to only 82 pieces... and although there is no word on an ap release, you can visit his online shop HERE in the coming days to see if it will drop! Up next is a really fantastic design for September 14th, which is also for Thackerville, Oklahoma... and this one is designed by the one and only Maxx242! This poster features a wicked looking rabbit who has gone though somewhat of a transformation... skull, horns, spraycan and all!!! This will be limited to only 82 pieces as well, and just like the previous mentioned poster... if there are any ap's going up for grabs, hit up Maxx's shop HERE!

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