'Tosco: The Alpha Series' a new DIY figure with initial designs from SketOne, Bytedust, Mimic & Yahid Rodriguez

In the ever evolving world of designer toys, we constantly see companies/individuals, on what seems to be a weekly basis, try to plant their design firmly in the the art soil... hoping that it sticks. That being said, we just just got word about a new project which has recently been posted up to indiegogo... a crowd funded site similar to Kickstarter. Designed by Yahid Rodriguez... the man behind the shape for the ever-so-popular Mimobot line of figures, this new series titled 'Tosco: The Alpha Series' features a new DIY character that has a pretty cool humanoid form... and already has the support of many well/respected artists in the scene including SKET-ONE, BYTEDUST, MIMIC, and YAHID RODRIGUEZ.

I like the imposing look of this figure... the way his arms are out from the sides, the big body... and well, the fact that he stand a LARGE 9" tall... that helps! For this project, there will be 9 designs and each figure is limited to 300 pieces. Along with the artist designed pieces, they will also be offering up a limited edition all white DIY figure. The funds raised in this project will go directly to the initial cost of the articulated digital sculpt, an articulated prototype, tooling, molds, actual production of the figure (9 different designs) and shipping. I do like the uniqueness of the figure... and the designs revealed by the artists so far are looking pretty cool. If you want to help make this dream a reality, head on over HERE now and pledge some cash... there are plenty of different tiers... all of which are very affordable.

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