"The Ghost of You Haunted Me…" New Works by J★RYU @ Rotofugi 09/07/2012

Remember our last post about Rotofugi's upcoming Luke Chueh show, and how we mentioned that they had a few shows coming up... well, this is the next one!!!! Titled "The Ghost of You Haunted Me…", Chicago is about to get a taste of what artist J★RYU is all about as he will have a concurrent opening the same day as Chueh, on September 7th-30th, 2012. This show will feature a whole bunch of brand new sculptures, all of which focous around the evolution of his 'Ghost Girl' figure and the world known as 'The Forrest of Sorrows'. Above you can see some of his progress shots, working away at a ton of new ideas, honing his craft, and really solidifying his spot as a truly respect artist in the scene. J★RYU will be in attendance at the opening on Friday, September 7, 2012 from 7pm-10pm... so make sure you swing by, say hello, and buy up some amazing works of art!

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