Sucklord's "The Super Suck Up!" designs by Luke Chueh, Buff Monster, Scott Tolleson & L'amour Supreme!

As we previously announced, this year's Designer Con will feature a Sucklord-centric tribute show entitled "The Super Suck Up!" Featuring a variety of talented artists customizing 50 copies each of The Sucklord action figure, which will be sold at the convention for $100 apiece. Pictured above left is Luke Chueh's work-in-progress "Kuma Fett" figure, which appears like it will feature a bear head and clawed paws when complete. And on the above right is Buff Monster's drawing for his figure's packaging, which clearly reveals that his figure will be a mash-up of the Sucklord form with the Melty Misfit design.
Then we have Scott Tolleson's sketch for his packaging art, which doesn't appear to use the Sucklord figure form at all but rather the Suckpeg… creating "The Original Blowpeg," a Suckpeg dressed as Princess Leia in her slave costume. And finally L'amour Supreme's packaging art, which is made on nine trading card sized pieces of paper. We're dying for more!

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