"Skizzmunch" custom Labbit from Shadoe Delgado

Shadoe Delgado is back with yet another awesome custom... and this go around he tackled a massive 10" Labbit named "Skizzmunch". He's the latest addition to his series of Labbits... and I love how creepy cool it looks! The sculpting is really nice, and he has really come into his own when it comes to custom work... it is becoming more and more apparent that without even knowing who created it, I knew immediately who it was! Shadoe tells us that he currently had to put a hold on all of his commissions for the time being, however he's building his commission list for September / October... so if you want a rad custom from him... hit him up via his website HERE or through his email via Shadoedelgado@gmail.com. Get in line folks, and do it now...

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