"Maleficent" custom Fatima by Leecifer for Dragatomi's "Tales" show 08/11/2012

For Dragatomi's upcoming "Tales" show opening this Saturday, August 11th 2012, artist Leecifer shows us his take on "Maleficent" the self-proclaimed 'Mistress of All Evil' from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty film. "Tales" is a group art show featuring works which focus on the fairy tales and stories we all heard as children, and Leecifer tells us that "I'm not a big Disney fan, but in researching stuff for Dragatomi's "Tales" show I was reminded how dark a lot of fairy tales are. Especially the Brothers Grimm versions. Then I remembered how much I dug the dark faerie/witch in Disney's version. I mean that bit*h changed into a DRAGON an sh*t!!! Totally rocked my world as a little dude. I think I lost my mind, cried, and broke stuff when they killed her." A perfect explination of why he picked her as the theme... and to use a Fatima as the base of this figure... a perfect fit! Leecifer also mentions that this is much larger than the original Fatima's... she stands a whopping 14" tall... AWESOME!!! Be sure to head on out to Dragatomi tomorrow, August 11th to see this piece, plus many more in person!

2317 J Street (Btwn 23rd and 24th St.)
Sacramento, CA 95816

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