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La Muerta x Grindesign - "The Harvest" t-shirt

Hey all you lowlife freaks... looking for that next shirt to strap to your back... well, just like clockwork... the minions over at La Muerta are offering up another awesome limited edition t-shirt to the masses and this go around they have teamed up Grindesign to release yet another epic shirt design titled "The Harvest"! "The Carnival has been busy this season. We gathered all you as key ingredients for our ultimate purpose: Beer. Oh yes, yes. You are all here for the harvest. Lady Death has a plan come fall and the brewing includes some murky, hoppy souls. You should be flattered. But then again some drunk carnie will surely enjoy your liquified existence and then piss it away... such is life holmes." Yet again... another EPIC shirt from La Muerta... and the design is super fresh!!!! This just like all of the releases from La Muerta is super limited, only 50 of these are EVER being made, and they are up for pre-order HERE right now for just $25! Don't sleep on this awesome design folks.

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