Kaws "Companion: Resting Place" figure release... very soon, and hopefully it's laid to rest for good!

Spotted up on Kaws' Facebook page today was a really interesting picture of a new'ish figure that he states will be releasing soon at OriginalFake and KAWSONE.com. The piece titled "Companion: Resting Place" is just that... his dissected companion figure sitting down in a very relaxed pose. The figure looks pretty cool, but it's nothing ground-breaking... it's the same figure that helped Kaws secure his designer toy fame... just, sitting down. Call me crazy, but I for one do not see the allure behind it, but that's just my opinion. There are so many more fantastic original designs out there from so many more super creative artists being made that do not command the hype that this figure/artist does... and I just don't get it. There is no word on a size or a price, but I can only imagine that you will have to sell off your first born to buy it... mehhh. Tell me I'm wrong... and are you tired of seeing the same design/figure rehashed over and over again?

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