"Jr. Scoop" prototype figure by Tamara Petrosino and Brutherford Industries... gets some color!

Well it appears that Tamara Petrosino's previously announced (HERE) "Jr. Scoop" figure is starting to take form, and as you can see from the above photo... it's getting some color as well! You all may remember that this figure is being sculpted/engineered/colored by her ever so loving husband Ryan of Brutherford Industries, and the results thus far are looking really promising! Ryan mentions that "The art director on this project is relentless!"... poking a little fun at his wife as I am sure she is directing this to be the very best it can be before it actually makes it into the production phase! Oh, and check out that little spoon accessory... perfect!!! Standing at around 5" tall, we really like this figure here at SS.com, and can't wait to hopefully see samples in hand at NYCC 2012... so get ready!

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