Jason Freeny x Sucklord - More WIP shots of his 1/4 cutaway anatomy figure for D-Con 2012

As we previously announced, this year's Designer-Con will have a bevy of The Sucklord events in it, including "The Super Suck Up!" custom action figure show. We'd previously seen the above piece as a work-in-progress sculpt by Jason Freeny... which we posted up HERE... and now this figure is looking like all kinds of awesome as Jason has an assembly line of resin cast figures and each one is being meticulously hand painted. You can see that it features Jason's 1/4 cutaway anatomy on one of Sucklord's iconic figures... and there is a run of 50 of these badboys ready to be snatched up by con attendees! These figures, as well as runs by other creators, will be available during the 2012 Designer-Con for $100 each.

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