D-LuX x Splurrt's "Captain Diggler" is a kaiju Captain Caveman homage!

Voiced by the prolific Mel Blanc, Captain Caveman is probably best known for his trademark battle cry: "Captain CAAAAAVEMAAAAAAANNNN!" I grew up loving the character and, I'll be honest, that's all I remember from those Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels cartoons. But customizing machine D-LuX recalls the Hanna-Barbara cartoon as a favorite and pays loving tribute to it here, remaking Splurrt's 4-inch vinyl Diggler platform into "Captain Diggler." He even comes with his own leopard print cape! Priced at $50, it's quite the fool that passes up this piece when it drop on August 4th at 8PM EST in D-LuX's online shop

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