A new "Green" release from Dead Hand Toys!

Brian Ahlbeck of Dead hand Toys just posted up some really great news via his blog... a brand new series of hand crafted resin figures is about to drop... and for all of you green lovers out there (Jeremy)... this one is for you! For those of you who are completionists, you best not be if you try to collect these bad boys, as Brian tells us that there are no 2 the same, and there will be 24 of them up for grabs in his online store HERE this Thursday, August 30th at 12pm EST. They will run $25 each and come bagged with a header. I really like these little guys... the only question I have is, what the heck are they called? Brian says they don't have a name... maybe YOU can help?!?! Leave a comment in the post suggesting names, maybe one will stick!

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