Tell Super7 & The Loyal Subjects about UME Toys's Transformers sculpt!

Richard "UME Toys" Page has been working this fantastic sculpt of "Soundwave" from the classic Transformers cartoons. Now, I'll be honest, since both Super7 and The Loyal Subjects had announced (HERE and HERE) Transformers-based designer toy lines, I was really hoping that this might've been a sculpt for a production piece from one of the two but I did realistically realize it probably wasn't. I grew up watching Transformers and, while I love that these two high-end companies will work with the license, I do seriously wonder how either of them will make iconic fresh enough that I'd want to buy it without deviating too far from the beloved original designs… Honestly, I'm thinking Page is the answer; I'd buy a production piece based off this design in a heartbeat. What do you think, readers?

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