Scott Tolleson's "Deadbeet" figure set to debut at SDCC 2012... take my money now!!!

Well look what we have here... another exclusive drop for SDCC and I am really stoked for this one! Breaking from his normal argyle, glass wearing, nerd type figures, artist Scott Tolleson shares with us today "Deadbeet"!!! Sculpted by George Gaspar of October Toys, this beauty stands 7.5” tall and features articulation at both his arms and legs... you can even twist his top around if you feel inclined to do so. This is Scott's first figure made in Japan, so it's 100% sofubi... so nice! This first variety of the Deadbeet is “Early Blue”, and he will be available at San Diego Comic-Con via booth #4836. This run is limited to only 20 pieces and will retail for just $60 a piece... and word has it that more varieties are growing in the garden as we speak!

As you can see, Scott also sent along the header card art that harkens back to old time seed packages... gotta love that illustration, and how can you not notice his little root-peen :-) hahaha... classic! Seeing as there are only 20 of these available, I can only imagine that they will sell very fast, so best of luck in snaggin one!

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