MORE INFO: Super7 Prototypes by COOP, Invisible Creature & Brian Flynn!

Even though we just revealed them yesterday, there's already more information on this trio of Super7 prototypes in their 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4729! After Preview Night (July 11th), it seems they placed info cards in the display! From left to right:
Brian Flynn's "Crystal-Mecha" (which was also revealed last year), appears to be about 9" tall and is part of the "Destroy All Kaiju" line (alongside TaoKing and Fossila). The description reads: "Part gem, part kikaiju, there are many facets to this machine of destruction!"
Invisible Creature's "Odd Galaxy's Stinson" appears to be about 6" tall and is part of the "Mascot DX" series. The description reads: "Stinson is part of a new series of intergalactic misfits from the mind of Invisible Creature! This large vinyl figure will feature turning head, chair, and hidden rolling wheels."
And, finaly, the COOP designed "El Diablo," which looks to be 9-12" tall and will be part of the "Destroy All Kaiju" family with "Crystal-Mecha." The description reads: "Mecha vs. monster! This satanic super robot was created by master artist COOP! Stylized as a [indecipherable word] Japanese vinyl figure, complete with removable wings."

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