Blurble creates monsters, from "Monster's"!!!

Blurble has been hard at work making some new customs, and above is his latest batch of Monsters. First off is his "Sea Monkey of Death"(middle)! This guy lives in the deepest parts of the Sea Monkey tank and has a tough time getting along with other Sea Monkeys... something to do with the fact he eats other sea monkeys..His body is made of vinyl and his head is Resin. The head is also made with a special resin that when under UV (Black light) glows pink! Next up is "Chief Hydra"(right)! This dude is all business and has one goal in mind and that is killing all zombies he comes in contact with. He is decked out with a custom Ax covered in zombie blood and has several pieces of jewelry that he wears. The beads on his necklace represent the amount of zombies he has killed. Last is "Sunbaked Monster"(left)! Lets just say he was under the sun for way to long! But the dude loves the beach he just forgets to apply the SPF50... All of these will be available in his webstore HERE this Sunday at 12pm PST... don't miss out!

Source[Blurble Press]

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