Amazing Battle Damaged Bots By Don P...

I have no idea how Don P puts so many little details on such a small platform of only 3". Yet he does it time and time again and makes some of the most amazing customs I have seen. The "Battle Damaged KidIronman" is of course my favorite out of the 2. Showing off his battle damaged scars proudly and looking like he just came right out of The Avengers movie when he was being chased by that big Alien battle cruiser ship. I also love how Don P did the eyes, which look like they really are lighted up but it is actually only paint. Up next is the "KidApocaTrooper" with the eerie blue eyes and gas mask makes him equipped to take on almost anything and everything. This is definitely a war ready Bot. If you would like to find out more information about Don P and everything he makes please click HERE.

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