kaNO's Android Series 3 design revealed & design sheet leaked!

Above is kaNO's design for the upcoming DYZPlastic's Android Series 03 set, dropping later this summer. We're told it that the "design is based off of the hazard suits that the Beastie Boys rocked in the Intergalactic video." And what a wonderful tribute to the band that is… And — courtesy of the Android Guys website — we also have the graphic design sheet for Series 03… which this kaNO piece and the previously revealed KRONK "Escape Ape" are both mystery designs on!
Top Row (L-R): Google Inc. (2/16), Google Inc. (2/16), Google Inc. (1/16), Gary Ham (2/16), and Andrew Bell (1/16).
Middle Row (L-R): Huck Gee (1/16), kaNO (1/16), Sket-One (1/16), MAD (1/16), and KRONK (1/16).
Bottom Row (L-R): Scott Tolleson (1/32), Scott Tolleson (?/??), Kelly Denato (1/16), Andrew Bell (1/16), and KRONK (?/??).

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