Fools Paradise's "Keikotrooper" is a sexy Star Wars Stormtrooper!

I'll admit that there's something attractive and even titillating about the slender fleshy pink form of Fools Paradise's Keiko, with her bared pert breasts and tiny thong bottoms, but put her in a re-imagined partial Stormtrooper outfit and you've just made many a geek's dream come true. Yes, this lovely little lady is wearing a helmet, gloves and boots that mash-up the traditional Stormtrooper look with elements of a bear… ears and snout and claws, oh my! Even her itsy bitsy undergarment is in the classic Stormtrooper white. While there's no word on the specifics, we're guessing — based on previous versions of Keiko — that this "Keikotrooper" will be roughly a foot-tall, limited to 299 copies and cost $180; and while that's all conjecture, we do know for sure that the pre-order for this wonderful piece begins on July 4th, 2012 over on the Fools Paradise web site.

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