Todd Robertson and Guumon exclusive drop at FOE Store & Gallery on 01/02/2012

FOE hosted their 2nd annual monster themed show this month and they are sneaking in one more event before the show comes down on Sunday June 3rd, where if you are in the area... you don't want to miss this as artists Todd Robertson and Guumon will be at FOE on Saturday June 2nd from 3pm–5pm with exclusive releases. Robertson will be releasing 2 sets of his resin "Ammonaito" creatures where each set is a run of 4, including a mecha chase and priced at $75 a piece. Guumon will be releasing 4 "Bone Zombie Krunks" at $110 a piece and 1 "Zombie virus Krunk" at $150... a doozie of a release if you ask me! If there are any leftovers, these will be posted up HERE online on Sunday the 3rd... so cross those figures you outta towners!

FOE Store & Gallery
28 Pleasant St
Northampton MA 01060

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