Cache's custom Munny for "They Came From The Streets 2"!

Street artist Cache is known for doing cartoonish graffiti murals, in which he tends to use chickens a lot, so it makes sense that his custom 7" Munny for the upcoming  "They Came From The Streets 2" group show is poultry based. He kept things simple and clean with this piece, and it does look amazing. I love the red comb on the head, the expressive face, and — of course — the feathery body. I'd love to see Cache try his hand at customizing again… he certainly has an aptitude for it!
"They Came From The Streets 2," organized by the guys of Urban Vinyl Daily, opens on June 1st at UNHeardof, 323 W 4th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.
Contributing artists include: Frank Kozik, Scott Tolleson, Gary Ham, DrilOne, Eyeone, 64 Colors, ValleyDweller, Steve Talkowski, Rsin, Lunartik, VISEone, Task One, Luke Cheuh, THARP, Nerviswr3k, Ian Ziobrowski, Abe Lincoln JR., Scribe and Alisa Ross, Squink, A Little Stranger, JFury, Jon Chase, JC Rivera, Maxx242, Chase Tafoya, Chris Brett, Dez Einswell, Terribly Odd, Jason Gallo, and Cache.

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