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Sekure D's custom "Fantastic Four" Kidrobot Mascots!

The forces of good have started to amass. Do you remember when we posted about the upcoming "Battle of the Mascots?" Well, here are Sekure D's completed set for team good: four custom Kidrobot Mascots made to look like The Thing from Fantastic Four and one chase of Mr. Fantastic himself. I think The Thing customs look, well, fantastic… his rocky exterior is sculpted perfectly and the paint job looks immaculate. The Mr. Fantasic chase, on the other hand, doesn't quite work for me; the arms, while completely in-line with the character, don't look right and I find the weird design on his nose ridge very distracting. Overall, I would certainly call this a win for side Good, though.

"Battle of the Mascots" will be released on May 22nd as a set of 50 blind boxed customs, each costing $65. The Good Side is represented by Sekure D, Hugh Rose, AlexBreak, Fuller, and MatCanDraw, while the Evil Side consists of Don P, Commandante, Nikejerk, JFury, and JC Rivera.

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