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Noferin's Jibibuts Revealed: Buff Monster, Tado, 64 Colors, Peskimo & more!

We revealed the first 7 designers in the upcoming Jibibuts: Artist Collection just a couple of days ago, but now we can show you all 12 participating artists and their designs: Bubi Au YeungMartin HsuSquinkPeskimoBuff MonsterAnna ChambersTadoAndrea Kang, Leo Hillier, 64 Colors, Nathan Jurevicius, and — of course — Jibibuts creator Noferin. Each piece is blind boxed, but the 12 blind boxes per case will include one of each design. The release date is announced as "soon, soon" by Noferin, but we can assume the figures are the 2.5" to 3.5" size of the original series and will probably cost around the same $8.99 per blind box (possibly more, though).

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