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Neese's Munny Bunny limited edition custom is fluffy & fantastic!

If you've ever closely examined DMS's web shop, then you've noticed the title "Monsters & Mecha"… DMS certainly has the mecha covered, but monsters?!? Not so much; and that's where his equally talented wife Neese comes in, for she is the crafter of many an adorable monstrosity. Pictured above is her newest creation — her first proper custom — the "Munny Bunny," which is limited to only 10 copies being made. Each 7"-tall Munny has been painted a soft matt cream color before having the fluffy faux fur carefully applied, in three different tones to give variation to the finished product: honey colored for the main body, a cottony white for the tail, and a cream (matching the paint) for the belly & inner ears. The eyes are cut vinyl for that perfect look and the ears are fully posable! Neese did a fantastic job turning the hard vinyl of a Munny into this huggable 10"-tall (including ears) bunny. With only 10 up for grabs, I can't imagine these $99.99 customs will last long when they drop tomorrow (Friday, April 27th); so set your alarms, kids, and cross your fingers… they drop HERE at an undisclosed time.

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