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Most Wanted Reveals: Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Frank Mysterio & RunDMB!

Not one… not two… but three full reveal of custom dunnys in the Most Wanted Series 3 set; can we get any luckier? Pictured above is Ryan the Wheelbarrow's contribution, which is an evolution of his "normal" style. Known for layering typographic elements on-top of vinyl, these pieces add a weathering element to the mix which renders the various stratum unreadable. There appear to only be six of these in the series, which leads to many disappointed Wheelbarrow fans out there.

But one of the rarest piece in the series will be Frank Mysterio's "Zombie Mariachis" (above): there are only three of the normal custom and one variant with a sculpted face (in the center, slightly back, in the pic on the right). I love the detailed paint job on these, which comes across as picture perfect. And the sculpted one? Woo wee… that is one amazingly detailed, fine tuned face.

Though RunDMB's contribution has to have a place in every Most Wanted fans heart. He's crafted a tough, notorious street gang known as "The Most Wanted Crew," who have a 'spiritual leader' — an 'urban warrior' — called 'Mhan Nee' (a jest on the series organizer Manny Rivas's given name). And is it just me or do most of them have one bad accessory except the fellow who has two? Possibly that's the "Mhan Nee" variant… We're told RunDMB's figure won't be as rare as Ryan the Wheelbarrow's, but no exact number was given.

[Some of the above information comes courtesy of OpportunityLOL.]

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