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Most Wanted Art Show?!? Guaranteed to be the strangest post of the day!

If you made it to the end of the interview Manny Rivas did over at N3rd Link (previously announced HERE), then you already know that the Most Wanted crew are putting on an art show; but what are the details? Well, we here at SpankyStokes went through true trials and tribulations to acquire the following imaginary conversation between Rivas and his co-curator James Brown (known across the interwebs as anubis2night):

[RIVAS and BROWN sit down at a local cafe, steaming hot drinks set before them] 
BROWN: So what're you thinking? I've had art on my mind for a while, brainstorming… 
RIVAS: I want the show to be in San Francisco, opening May 11th at 1AM
BROWN: Isn't that a little early in the day? 
RIVAS: Yea, but I really want the show to be at 1AM
BROWN: Okay then. Well, that was quick. So… 
[Long pause as they both stare at their still full cups of coffee.] 
BROWN: Wanna talk about movies? 
RIVAS: Sure! I just watched Young Frankenstein again last night. Love the Doctor and Igor. 
BROWN: That's 'Eye-gore." 
RIVAS: Right, right… great stuff. Love those two. Then I watched… 
BROWN: Lemme guess! 
RIVAS: You'll never guess. 
BROWN: That new Smurfs movie. 
RIVAS: How'd you know?!? 
BROWN: You Tweeted about it. 
RIVAS: Oh, yea… Well, it was okay. Had that RunDMC & Aerosmith mash-up "Walk This Way" song in it. So strange… 
BROWN: Well, I just rewatched Steve Martin's The Jerk and some classic Sergio Leone 'Spaghetti Westerns,' so we know who's winning here taste-wise. 
RIVAS: You know what I love, though? Shrek. That movie rocks. Love Tim Carrey. 
BROWN: First of all, it's JIM Carrey. Second, he's not in that film. 
RIVAS: Seriously? 
BROWN: Yea, it's Mike Myers. 
RIVAS: Shoot, you're right! Damn. I just can't stop thinking about that Ginger Bread guy and the Muffin Man. Too much. 
BROWN: Okay, I'll give you that. Bit off topic, but you seen Sons Of Anarchy yet? 
RIVAS: Yes! Love that actor, the one who plays Alverez… 
BROWN: Emilio Rivera
RIVAS: Man, he's good… 
[Recording of imaginary conversation ends abruptly.]
I know the above seems strange and uninformative, but — trust me — there's tons of information hidden up there…

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