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MAD's "Breaking Bad" mini-resin MAD*L

After the 'Clear' and 'Black' mini-resin MAD*L's that sold out in record time, MAD just released an image of his next release... and it is a translucent blue version that he is calling the "Breaking Bad" edition, based off the blue crystal meth that was made popular by the TV show Breaking Bad... I suggested calling it the "Heisenberg" edition, but who am I :-) This little beaut looks amazing and I am sure will polish up really nice... but what is that I see, it appears that this version -unlike the previous two- might have an articulated head... AWESOME! There is no word on when these will drop, but I am sure he will utilize his "random release time" power just like the last drops… so we encourage everyone to follow his artist and platform Twitter feeds for updated information.

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