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MAD's Black Mini MAD*L set to be released today!

You were probably shedding tears of joy or sorrow when the Clear Mini MAD*L was released, depending on if you were one of the 20 people lucky enough to grab a piece in the couple of minutes it took to see out. And now, for those that missed in, Jeremy "MAD" Madl has got your back: this polished Black Mini MAD*L is set to drop today. Limited to only 20 copies again, we're assuming the price point will be $50 like the previous version. The Clear resin figures were released at 1:47PM EST, proving the MAD was honest about his "random release time" announcement… so we encourage everyone to follow his artist and platform Twitter feeds for updated information. Alternatively, of course, you can just head over to his shop and keep hitting refresh, hoping you'll luck out…

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