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Jon Burgerman...loves salad!!!!

Excuse me, excuse me, do you know this chap ---> Jon Burgerman? His upcoming solo show perfectly titled "Salad Makes Winners" is about to open!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO. Sounds like a right ole' knees up over at Magic Pony. The locale is au Canada and Magic Pony is somewhere you should spend a lot of time!! Pick me up a few things, I can start a list now.

OOH OOH looook, a cheeky peeky from Facebook..Magic Pony Craft time I want some salad friends! But what is this? The opening is an interactive Game Show performance..ooooooh. I'm intrigued. Get your bum's over there Monday, April 23 7-9pm. Cheers!

Source [Magic Pony] Image [Jon Burgerman aka The Salad Enthusiast]

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