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Jeff Lamm's 'Spikewad' set to release 4/8/2012

The time has finally come!!!! Releasing tomorrow, Sunday April 8th 2012 - EASTER - is the next highly anticipated monster figure from artist Jeff Lamm... 'SpikeWad'!!! We have been following the creation of this guy from day one, and it's great to finally get the announcement... and good news for all you folks out there... you have choices! According to Jeff, Unbox Industries is going to put this up in their online shop HERE in a whole flurry of limited edition colorways including: "Black Hole", "Bloo", "Absinthe", Satsuma", and "Claw"... all of which look delightful! Oh and the best part... each version is only $45, but they are super limited - and as there is not yet been a specific release time posted - be sure to hit up their store HERE early and often!

This character is a familiar face if you follow Jeff's gig poster work and according to Jeff he has four arms, shipped with two front ones unattached so they fit in the bag... and he will be interchangeable with the other Unbox toys... meaning 'M5 BRAVO' & 'STEE-GAR' will have a buddy :-) According to Jeff "Spike Wad is a fairly new large mutant spider. It's origins are unknown, some say it first appeared in the area of the Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland. It was given the military nomenclature "Spider Quad" which was shortened to "Spi-Quad" and finally "Spike Wad"." You gotta love the look of this intergalactic being... and check out that under-bite, he's adorable, and fierce all wrapped into one 4 armed figure!

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