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Artist Spotlight: UNCLE

Artist and Customizer UNCLE is under the spotlight with his creepy customs and sick artwork (pun intended), and if you haven't heard of him yet then crawl out from under your rock and bask in the splendor that is UNCLE!

Taking any platform and transforming it into something strange and otherworldly, UNCLE has a knack for the grotesque and his use of color and texture is refreshing in the otherwise solid-color world of customs. He adds just enough sculpting to keep the platform intact and completely recognizable, yet he pushes the boundaries just enough to create something unique... for example, the custom Hazel called "Plague Daughter" (pictured at top) is full on bad ass and combines just enough creepy with KO's otherwise normal sculpt. And sometimes he does add a little cute into the mix... Case in point, his "Misfit Monsters" series of custom Dunnys available at Tenacious Toys right now (see below).

They keep the plague look but still seem to be happy. A perfect mixture! Hit up the UNCLE store to get in on some of these awesome customs before they are gone, or get your very own commission (also available in his store). Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date, and maybe drop him a line to say hi. Viva UNCLE!

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